TARPON! [video]

While the snow piles up in the north the weather is absolutely perfect down here in Key West. Mark booked a half day charter we left the dock at 8:00 am and took a quick look around the harbor but it didn’t look like there was going to be a tarpon bite so we went to the back country to find some sharks. We anchored on the edge of a flat and soon had the sharks swimming around the boat which is a pretty cool experience in itself. It didn’t take long for us to do battle with two nice lemon sharks. Mark thought that was about all he could handle so we left there to do some sight casting on the flats. We didn’t see much activity on the flats so we decided to take a look at a channel to see if we could find a tarpon. As soon as we dropped the anchor a tarpon rolled beside the boat. We put out our baits and waited for a tarpon bite. Before long we jumped one off. We set up again and Mark finished of the half day by fighting a beautiful 40-50 lb tarpon. A pretty successful half day flats fishing charter.

Key West flats fishing

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