Still a few tarpon as well as plenty of sharks.

Tourist season winds down for Key west in September but the fish are still here. Father son trips are always one of my favorites whether the kids are young or adult as in this case. Fishing is one of those things that bring people together and will create a memory that lasts a lifetime and I considerate it a privilege to be able to facilitate these memories. Steve brought his son fishing. It was a beautiful Key West morning. We decided to start out the charter by tarpon fishing. We caught a nice tarpon, a black nose shark, a little mutton snapper and we lost a nice barracuda. The we decided to go to the back country andĀ  finish up the charter with some shark fishing. We anchored up and hung a bonito off the back of the boat to chum up the sharks. We quickly caught another black nose shark and had lemon biteĀ  which managed to allude us. The bite dropped off after that and we had to move the boat after a fairly long lull the bites came one after another. The lemon sharks had found and we managed to wear out there arms pulling on them for the rest of the trip. Another great flats fishing charter in Key West catching tarpon and sharks.

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