Off-Season Key West Tarpon

The conditions were perfect to target one of our resident tarpon. Father and son Lee and Dylen booked a half day charter asking for a tarpon. They were her for a week so I looked at the weather and picked what looked like the best weather day. We got it right. The morning of the charter the wind was calm and warm. The tide was perfect. We pulled the traps and and made the short run to where the resident tarpon live. When we got there there the tarpon were rolling all around us. We threw the anchor and set up. Pretty quickly Lee had a bite and a big tarpon jumped out of the water an we were off chasing down the fish as it jumped and pulled of lots of line from the screaming reel. We managed to free the fish from the first sailboat anchor but lost it to the second one. We set up again and soon had a double header of nice cravalle jacks. We then adjusted the anchor so that we were closer to where the fish were rolling and set up a couple more live baits. Dylen soon had a bite and we were off again chasing down another big tarpon. This one didn’t get away. Dylen had the fight of a lifetime. Another great half day charter in the back country of Key West with Tarpon Diem.

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