Monster Key West Tarpon!


Danny and Carey Beth chartered the boat for a morning half day of Tarpon fishing. We shoved off as the sun was just beginning to peak of the horizon. We headed to the north end of the harbor to pull my traps and load up the live well  with pin fish. As we were pulling the traps and rebaiting them we noticed some tarpon rolling at the mouth of a channel. We pulled up and dropped anchor. There were tarpon breaking water all around the boat as we settled on the anchor. I put a bait on the hook and cast it behind the boat and it had no sooner hit the water than there was a fish on! The massive tarpon breached and violently shook it’s head before it made a blistering run and the epic battle was on! Through channels up on a couple different flats the battle lasted and arm stretching hour and a half. Another awesome example of Key West flats fishing at its finest!

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