Holy Shark! Video Footage!


[VIDEO]There have been some very large bull sharks in the Key West Bight and Key West Harbor. You don’t have to go far along the Harbor Walk before you hear the locals discussing the very large and intimidating visitors. They have been making appearances at the fillet stations around the charter boats and eating the scraps usually earmarked for the tarpon. The divers whose occupation is to keep the bottoms of many of the boats in the marinas are understandably nervous as the slip on their gear and go to work. Of course I am not so apprehensive about playing with our new visitors. John and Carl were certainly not disappointed by their unusual appearance. The got to play with these massive bull sharks for a long and hard won fight. It will be interesting to see what happens when the tarpon show up in the near future — there will definitely be some National Geographic moments if the sharks are still around when they show up. But for now there is some serious play hard fun to be had!

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