Trey Sandy and Hannah booked with me for a six hour charter in the back country. We got off the dock and headed back to the basins to drift around and cast artificial baits. We found some great action. Lot and lots of bites. We caught tons of hard pulling jack cravalles and jumping lady fish as well as a few trout and pompano plus snappers and more. While we were enjoying this great action we put out some shark bait. The shark rod went off and the dead was screaming. Sandy took the rod and I began the chase. We gave chase as the line melted away from the reel. We nearly got spooled before we began to get some line back on the spool. This fish made the fight anything bit easy I, changing direction often, diving under the boat and making long powerful runs. We were absolutely shocked when we finally got the animal close to the boat for the first time and saw that signature head. They took turns on the animal for two hours getting the leader several for the release bore breaking it off and sending it on the way. Another epic battle in the back country of Key West Florida.

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