Father and son shark catching.

My most rewarding charters are by far father and son trips. Eric brought his son Braden to Key West to celebrate his Eleventh birthday, and what would a trip to the Keys be without going fishing? We began the trip by anchoring up in the harbor to see if we could get a tarpon. There have been a few rolling around but the bull sharks have moved in and have been attacking them as we have been fighting them, which has kept them moving around and a little skittish. While we didn’t manage to get a tarpon on we did hook up one of the massive bull sharks which we fought for about fifteen minutes before it managed to wear through the mono leader. When we settled back on the anchor the tarpon were no longer rolling so we decided to make our way to the back country.

Once in the back country of Key West we deiced to anchor up in a channel to see if the sharks would cooperate. We put out a butterflied bonito and  a couple of baits and waited to see what would find us. It didn’t take long before we had on a nice black nose shark, a perfect fight for Braden to wet his chops. They are a great fight running off line and changing direction and swimming under the boat. After the first bite the bites were fast and furious. We fought a bunch of the black nose sharks plus a double header black nose and big nurse shark, and finally a nice lemon shark. Braden left the boat with arms a little longer than when he arrived. Another great Key West flats fishing charter.

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