Dodging storms and catching tarpon and sharks

The weather man says there is an 80% chance of rain tomorrow. Should we cancel? That’s exactly what Dale and Anne faced? I assured them that I would enjoy fishing in the rain even less than they would and told them that would see the morning brings. After a rather rainy night we awoke to clear radar an albeit cloudy  sky. We left the dock as the sun was just beginning to make an appearance. We pulled the bait traps and set up to do some tarpon fishing. It wasn’t long before Anne was battling a nice tarpon. We caught a couple black nose sharks and small nurse sharks and pulled the hook on another tarpon before moving to the back country for some shark fishing. We caught a couple big nurse sharks, a big black tip shark, a couple black nose sharks as well as a very big barracuda. Another great flats fishing charter in the back country  of Key West.   key west flats fishingback country fishing charter  tarpon fishing charter   Key west fishing charter flats fishing charter  Key West shark fishing Key West back country fishing chartershark fishingShark flats fishingshark fishing charter Black tip sharkBack country fishing charterShark charterKey West fishing charter

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