Awesome half day tarpon charter!

It says a lot about a parent when a son in college is willing to spend his spring break fishing with his dad. Ray brought his son Conner out for a morning of tarpon fishing. I was not to hopeful as we were on the back side of a front with 25 mph winds, but they wanted to give a shot anyhow. `We left the dock and headed to harbor to see if we could find any sign of the silver kings. We were slowly cruising around the harbor watching for the tarpon to give themselves up by rolling on the surface to gulp some fresh air, I noticed some nice marks on the bottom machine. BINGO.

I pulled around to find the marks again and there the were. I dropped anchor and put on a live bait. Conner cast it out and I put one on for Ray. Ray had just cast his out when Conner was hooked up. We tossed the anchor and went after the fish as he was jumping and screaming off line. After a brief twenty minuted fight we had the seventy pounder to the leader. One for one.

We pulled back to the anchor and set out the baits again and it was less than five minutes later that we were once again hooked up. This time with a monster. A one hundred fifty pound or better was jumping at the end of Rays line. He did battle for nearly two hours before we finally released the monster.

We once again grabbed the anchor and quickly had another fish on. This time we weren’t so lucky and quickly broke the fish off on the anchor of a nearby sailboat. after grabbing the anchor once again Conner fought another hundred pound to the boat for some great pictures. Rounding off an excellent morning of tarpon fishing. Another great day of flats fishing in the back country of Key West.

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