18 Sharks for Best Ever Half-Day Shark Fishing Charter

Chad and Kevin booked me for a half day shark fishing charter. The weather and tide were perfect to make the long run to the west. We made the long run and anchored up on the edge a flat with a nice white bottom and hung a barracuda off the back of the boat to bring the sharks to us. We quickly had out first bite. Chad fought the first on to the boat and was released  in short order. We began to see the sharks circling around the shallow water looking for the source of smell that was driving them crazy. The longer we were there the more sharks that showed up behind the boat. The sharks were biting as fast as we could a bait in the water. We were double up for most of the four hour trip. We had released twelve of the big lemons when they asked how many was the most sharks I had ever caught on a half day charter. When I told them that sixteen was my best they now had a goal. More and more sharks we coming up to the boat. They were trying to eat the fish off the back of the boat and we had to keep pulling it out of the water so they wouldn’t eat it. Eventually we were too slow and a big lemon mad off with most of it in a single bite. When the dust had settle we had let go of eighteen lemon sharks smashing my old record by two sharks. Another great day of flats fishing in the back country of Key West.

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