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Fishing Key West  Florida Tarpon Fishing Charter  Tarpon Fly Fishing  Tarpon Flats Fishing Key West Fishing Charter Packages by Time Frame based on two anglers:

I currently offer 4 hour ($450), 6 hour ($550)  and 8 hour ($650) trips.



Fish the Harbor for Tarpon:

Lets pull some pinfish traps and go to it. We’ll anchor up and chum with chunks and bring them to us or perhaps drift a channel, depending on conditions. When it’s good it won’t take long until the the drag starts screaming and a giant silver torpedo blasts into the air. Then its time to settle in for a long battle. It is not unusual for the fight to last an hour or even longer. These fish just don’t give up every time you think you have worn them down they jump and take a blistering run making you earn back every inch. Once you have done battle with one of these monsters you will know why they call them the silver king. If you have caught a tarpon you know why this fish is so many people’s bucket list. If you haven’t what are you waiting for? Get down here and catch a monster! Get more info


Lets anchor up in a channel and chum them up. The Lower Keys are home to an amazing array of sharks. How big? They range from  awwwww  isn’t it cute to Oh My God! Black tips, spinners, lemons, bulls more. Face your fears. Up close! These animals on light tackle are a fight and a half.

Flats fishing in the back country at its best:

Let’s do a charter on the flats. We’ll bring some live crabs and shrimp. You never know what you might see. I’ll poll you around the skinny waters as we keep our eyes for the big payoff bonefish or permit. If you are patient and put you time in you may be rewarded with an outstanding fight. Plus there we could see sharks jack or barracudas as well. Once we spot them you present the bait and watch the bite. It is a  great reward for those willing to put in the time.

Drift the basins:

Action is the name of the game. Lots and lots of bites. A great trip for the kids or the kids at heart. When the conditions are right it can be a bite on every cast. Ladyfish! These aggressive and acrobatic fish are super cool! They jump out of the water lake a little tarpon and put on a heck of show. They are so acrobatic that they get off the hook a lot so it is not unusual to get several bites on just a single cast. The varieties of fish in the basins can be amazing, while ladyfish is the most prevalent fish there are bluefish, jacks, sea trout, pompano barracudas, and even sharks of many species.


The Keys offer a unique marine habitat that can be found nowhere else in
the United states and should not be missed. Enjoy a secluded beach, see
the mangroves and all the wildlife that inhabits them.

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