A Great Half-Day Charter

I got a phone call one evening and on the other end of the line is Dave. Dave tells me that he is an avid fisherman from Alaska. Dave and Jim came to the Keys for the first time and spent five full days fishing for tarpon on fly. They met with limited success, boating one and getting leader on another. The found me on Google and booked me for a half day charter in the morning. We pulled my traps and filled the live well up with pin fish and set up to wait for a tarpon to grab the bait. We were quickly rewarded with a bite. The big beautiful jumped and began stripping off line. Dave fought the fish to the boat in about an hour. We were lucky enough to finish the fight on a flat and Dave got in the water with the fish and got the shot of a lifetime. We got back on the anchor and Jim was soon fighting another monster tarpon. Another hour was nearly gone before we releasing the next fish fish. we anchored up again and Dave got another bite for another long hard won fight. Three fish on three bites. Dave and Jim spent three of the four hour trip battling fish between one hundred and one hundred twenty pound. Another great morning of world class tarpon action in beautiful Key West. Give me a call and arrange your back country fishing charter today.


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